the best thing a girl could
wear is

Wallis Leather Jacket.

Okay, so I always thought that Wallis was an old ladies shop. But I have been proven wrong! I only came across Wallis clothing range by luck really. At work I have taken the place of a lady, and that lady receives emails from Wallis and I now get all of her emails. So I have noticed quite a few bits that I would really like. One item inparticular was this leather jacket. Its price was £65. I thought this was a little exspensive especially before Christmas so I was planing on buying it after.
HOWEVER, on Tuesday I received an email from Wallis stating they had a sale on their coats. Better yet, the leather jacket I wanted was sitting right there!!
So I just had to buy it! I went online, found it, noticed it was now £32.50, stuck it in my bag and pressed BUY. Annnnd, I only had to pay £1 for delivery as I spent over £30!

I received my jacket only two days after ordering so I am really please with the delivery time!

I will definitely use Wallis again :)

Sorry for the rubbish pictures!! I now have a new camera, but I had already made this post and as I am currently at my boyfriends I can not take new photos on the new camera! All other posts after this WILL have much MUCH better pictures :)
Also, I have no idea why these photos arnt aligned correctly or why some of the text is smaller!?. I am having trouble with blogger lately! This post looked fine in the draft but not the preview. Grrrrrr!

Christmas Brawl.

This Sunday just gone (11th) was my boyfriends fight! He is a MMA fighter if you didn't know so it was an exciting night! And an excuse to get dolled up a little :)
I wore this all-in-one from Newlook that I bought last year in the sale for £7 I think. And teamed it with my little black boots that were also from Newlook, £20 I think and necklace & earings I pinched off my mum. :)

Watch Dougs fight HERE...
Douglas is the one starting closest to the camera, with DEADLY written on his shorts! (also the one that slams the lad a few times!! haha)

Unfortunately Douglas didnt win, although it was close! Even though he didnt win, it was still an amazing night. A few of my male friends were fighting and a few of my girls came along and we had a few rather a lot of drinks. So all in all, it was a cracking night! I definitely felt it on monday. (ouchies)

Nivea Pearly Shine.

Hey, hey! Just a little quickie!
My lips have been so sore lately due to the weather so I have invested in a little lip balm, and its so nice I had to dedicate a post to it! 

Its in a lovely little pink casing, has a pink shimmer to it and applies very nicely. What I love about this lip balm is that it has a 'sweetie' taste to it, unlike some other lip balms that can be a bit nasty. I also love the fact that it has a pink shimmer to it and this is one of the reasons I bought it. I thought if I was going to be applying this 8,000 times a day, it would be handy if it kept my lips a nice colour too. Double wamy! 

If you have sore/dry lips, go a grab yourself one. I got mine from Superdrug for around £1.50

Christmas nails.

Okay, I really do not like Christmas. Not one little bit. I know, I know, you are probably thinking I'm nuts!! I just don't have the feel for it. And I don't even like people buying me presents, it makes me feel awkward and I feel the 'givers' should have saved their money for themselves.

Anwayyyyyy, my nails are as Christmasy as I get! I don't do tress, decorations, songs etc. So I'm quite impressed I went as far as these nails. But to be honest, they're just 'glittery nails'. Hahaa :)

I bought these two polishes from E.L.F for £1.50 each (bargain!)
Red Velvet && Dark Glitter Purple.

The Red Velvet is a very similar colour to my OPI 'Sweet as Annie-Thing!' (review here) 
All E.L.F polishes last a good week on my nails without chipping, but that may be due to the fact that I wear fake nails and polish always lasts longer on fakes, so please bare that in mind. These polishes do take a while to completely dry though, which is a shame. They take about 5/10mins to dry but then about an hour to be completely 'dent prove'. As I love these so much, I put up with this :) I just do them about an hour before bed when I know I don't have to touch anything.
I think these two work quite well together and as for the 'Christmasy' look, well they are glittery so that counts, right?

I have decided to paint one nail on each finger Dark Glitter Purple as I quite like the idea of having one different coloured nail. I have seen a lot of people doing it lately, so it seems that a lot of people like it. I did this about 4mnths ago when I noticed it on someone and people thought I'd done something wrong and now it seems to be the new little craze. YAY!

Headkandy Hair Extensions.

Over 5 months ago I really wanted to get some good quality extensions after I purchased a set from a shop in Bath called Just Beauty that were absolutely rubbish! So I asked about on Twitter if anyone could recommend a good brand and the lovely Leanne mentioned Headkandy.
When I first looked at their site I thought they were a little pricey but I was willing to pay the price if they were going to be good quality, which I was told they would be. 

I bought the 20-22inch full head set in Spiced Auburn for £79.99 and paid £4.40 for postage and packaging. Unfortunately I stupidly didn't take any pictures of them when I first got them, so I cant show you how long they where or the colour of them before I cut and coloured them.
Here are pictures of them AFTER CUTTING AND DYING them:

So after five months of having these little beauts I've only just managed to get my hair to match the colour of these extensions. Hence the reason I'm only just blogging about them now!
I know the cut of these looks really awful but I have had them cut to match and blend with my hair, so when they are all clipped in they look more natural.

From this...
To this...

*** TO THIS!!! ***

The quality of these are so good!! They are so soft and yummy! The ends where in good condition when I got them but since cutting a good 5-6 inches off them they are even better :) (I wish I knew I was going to cut so much off them as I would have got a shorter set!) Even after colouring them, washing them and straightening them a few times, they are still really yummy! I can tell these will last a good amount of time if I care for them well. 

I find the quad weft really helpful as it allows you to add extra thickness without using four individual wefts and having a lot more clips in your hair. 
All the wefts are number-labelled to help guide you with application. I find this really helpful as I have had them cut to a specific style so I need to remember the order in which I put them in. 
The clips are not bad either, sometimes they are a little difficult to clip down fully but after getting used to them I have no trouble.

Overall I really love these extentions and they are really worth the money!! You can buy your set here; Headkandy

Quick fire review.

Hello my lovely little beauts!! How cold has it been lately!? Brrrr! Me no likey :(
Anyywayyyy, here is a quick fire review of my daily make up products.
P.S Sorry about the poor quality pictures, I have no camera at the moment. Waiting for santa :)

1 - E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer
I really love this primer and I've done a much more in depth review here if you'd like to know more. But overall I do love this primer! Its perfect for my skin and helps with foundation application! For 6 quid I cant complain.
2 - GOSH Natural Touch Foundation. 32 pearl (applied with E.L.F foundation brush)
I've also done a review here if you'd like to know some more. This foundation is useless to me if I ware it alone, but as a 'base' its great!! Love love :)
3 - Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation. 100 ivory (applied with E.L.F foundation brush)
25hour? They couldn't be more right! This foundation just doesn't seem to budge! Even after I've been exercising, its still sat there like 'hello!!'. It gives me great coverage and lasts forever, which is exactly what I need as I'm way too busy for make up pit stops through out the day.

4 - E.L.F All Over Cover Stick
This little jem £1.50 from E.L.F I use it to cover any bags under my eyes or that really annoying spot that seems to appear just when you don't want it! I haven't used it a lot as both my foundations are pretty good, but it has come in handy and I'll keep it for that spot!
5 - E.L.F Clarifying Pressed Powder (applied with E.L.F total face brush)
I used this to match the colour of my foundation to my skin tone, and its perfect! As I fake tan, I need to be able to change the colour of my foundation to match after I fake tan so this is great for that. I also use it to seal and matte-ify my foundation. Perfecto!
6 - E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (applied with E.L.F bronzing brush)
This is a lovely little glower! Not too orange, not too glittery, just right to give my cheeks a little dazzle :)

7 - MUA Eyebrow Pencil. Brunette
This has become my ultimate must have! I'm ginger, meaning my eyes brows are practically invisible! So I have them tinted but I also use this to fill in any thin bits or to colour them when my tint is fading. The little brush on the end is soooo handy! I use it every morning. A must-have piece if your an eyebrow drawer like me :)
8 - GOSH Amazing Length'N Build. Black
I have a review here if you'd like to read it. Otherwise, this is amazing!!! I love this mascara and must have got through at least 20 by now!! It makes my tiny eyelashes grow like never before and really gives them volume.
9 - E.L.F Plumping Lip Glaze. Ruby kiss
I got this little piece for £1.50 off E.L.F. I only use it in the morning and it only lasts a few hours so I would need regular top ups. However, I just like to use it in the morning to 'complete the look' hahaa. So its nothing special. Lovely colour though! :)