the best thing a girl could
wear is

GOSH Natural Touch Foundation.

'Flawless natural finish' - I wouldn't say FLAWLESS.

I bought this foundation the other day in Superdrug as they had 3 for 2 Mix & Match on make up but this retails at £8.99. I've been a loyal customer to GOSH Amazing Length'n Build Mascara, I've been using it for a good year now so I had high hopes for this foundation.

32 Pearl

Unfortunately not, my first impressions when applying weren't very good. Its very watery and when applying with a foundation brush it doesn't really apply well at all, it just goes streaky but I put that aside and gave it a good'ol rub with my hands and all was well.

The coverage was medium but did even out my skin tone/blemishes. I then sealed it with some pressed powder and it didn't look bad at all. However, 9 hours later when I got home from work I looked like I'd complety forgotten to apply my foundation that morning. My face was awful! My cheeks were all red and skin tone was so uneven. I would have actually been better off wearing no foundation.

I am so disappointed with this GOSH Foundation and expected a lot more from a brand I truly love and use regularly.

Packaging - Very light, plastic bottle - 7/10
Application - So thin and streaky - 4/10
Coverage when first applied - Even, medium - 7/10
Durability - Fades too quick for me - 3/10
Smell - Has a hint of that 'tan' smell - 6/10
Recommend - No, save your money for another foundation.


  1. This is a really good review, I really like your blog :) if you could read mine that would be amazing; xo

  2. Thankyou so much! :-)
    Just has a peep at your blog and its really good! Full of some great info :) x