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Quick fire review.

Hello my lovely little beauts!! How cold has it been lately!? Brrrr! Me no likey :(
Anyywayyyy, here is a quick fire review of my daily make up products.
P.S Sorry about the poor quality pictures, I have no camera at the moment. Waiting for santa :)

1 - E.L.F Mineral Infused Face Primer
I really love this primer and I've done a much more in depth review here if you'd like to know more. But overall I do love this primer! Its perfect for my skin and helps with foundation application! For 6 quid I cant complain.
2 - GOSH Natural Touch Foundation. 32 pearl (applied with E.L.F foundation brush)
I've also done a review here if you'd like to know some more. This foundation is useless to me if I ware it alone, but as a 'base' its great!! Love love :)
3 - Rimmel Lasting Finish 25hour Foundation. 100 ivory (applied with E.L.F foundation brush)
25hour? They couldn't be more right! This foundation just doesn't seem to budge! Even after I've been exercising, its still sat there like 'hello!!'. It gives me great coverage and lasts forever, which is exactly what I need as I'm way too busy for make up pit stops through out the day.

4 - E.L.F All Over Cover Stick
This little jem £1.50 from E.L.F I use it to cover any bags under my eyes or that really annoying spot that seems to appear just when you don't want it! I haven't used it a lot as both my foundations are pretty good, but it has come in handy and I'll keep it for that spot!
5 - E.L.F Clarifying Pressed Powder (applied with E.L.F total face brush)
I used this to match the colour of my foundation to my skin tone, and its perfect! As I fake tan, I need to be able to change the colour of my foundation to match after I fake tan so this is great for that. I also use it to seal and matte-ify my foundation. Perfecto!
6 - E.L.F Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder (applied with E.L.F bronzing brush)
This is a lovely little glower! Not too orange, not too glittery, just right to give my cheeks a little dazzle :)

7 - MUA Eyebrow Pencil. Brunette
This has become my ultimate must have! I'm ginger, meaning my eyes brows are practically invisible! So I have them tinted but I also use this to fill in any thin bits or to colour them when my tint is fading. The little brush on the end is soooo handy! I use it every morning. A must-have piece if your an eyebrow drawer like me :)
8 - GOSH Amazing Length'N Build. Black
I have a review here if you'd like to read it. Otherwise, this is amazing!!! I love this mascara and must have got through at least 20 by now!! It makes my tiny eyelashes grow like never before and really gives them volume.
9 - E.L.F Plumping Lip Glaze. Ruby kiss
I got this little piece for £1.50 off E.L.F. I only use it in the morning and it only lasts a few hours so I would need regular top ups. However, I just like to use it in the morning to 'complete the look' hahaa. So its nothing special. Lovely colour though! :)


  1. i bought my first elf products last night, can't wait to get them :D i got the primer :) some great products here :)

  2. I need that Rimmel foundation. Especially if Im going to be dancing! Mine seem pretty lame in comparison! Xx

  3. I find its even better when used with that GOSH foundation too :) amazingggg