the best thing a girl could
wear is

Christmas nails.

Okay, I really do not like Christmas. Not one little bit. I know, I know, you are probably thinking I'm nuts!! I just don't have the feel for it. And I don't even like people buying me presents, it makes me feel awkward and I feel the 'givers' should have saved their money for themselves.

Anwayyyyyy, my nails are as Christmasy as I get! I don't do tress, decorations, songs etc. So I'm quite impressed I went as far as these nails. But to be honest, they're just 'glittery nails'. Hahaa :)

I bought these two polishes from E.L.F for £1.50 each (bargain!)
Red Velvet && Dark Glitter Purple.

The Red Velvet is a very similar colour to my OPI 'Sweet as Annie-Thing!' (review here) 
All E.L.F polishes last a good week on my nails without chipping, but that may be due to the fact that I wear fake nails and polish always lasts longer on fakes, so please bare that in mind. These polishes do take a while to completely dry though, which is a shame. They take about 5/10mins to dry but then about an hour to be completely 'dent prove'. As I love these so much, I put up with this :) I just do them about an hour before bed when I know I don't have to touch anything.
I think these two work quite well together and as for the 'Christmasy' look, well they are glittery so that counts, right?

I have decided to paint one nail on each finger Dark Glitter Purple as I quite like the idea of having one different coloured nail. I have seen a lot of people doing it lately, so it seems that a lot of people like it. I did this about 4mnths ago when I noticed it on someone and people thought I'd done something wrong and now it seems to be the new little craze. YAY!

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  1. I wore a glitter accent all last week and people were asking me why I did it and did I go wrong?! Haha. I have both them shades. Think I will paint mine now :) xx