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wear is

Oh My GOSH..

GOSH mascara - the best mascara I've come accross.

Okay, so I have really short, thin and fair eyelashes - a girls worst nightmare! I've tried so many different mascara's, cheap ones, exspensive ones, XXL ones, extra volume ones, you name it and I've tried them!

So one day, when I was tight for cash but in desperate need for mascara, I came accross GOSH Amazing Length'n Build priced at £5.99 in Superdrug. So I thought I'd give it a go.


This mascara really is perfect for my needs. I purchased it in 'black' so it darkens my lashes to the colour I need them. It makes them look much thicker without clumping and it makes them so much longer. The other thing I have noticed with this mascara is that if you change the way you apply it, you will get such different results!

If I apply it to my lashes with a firm hand, really pushing it against my lashes and use short strokes, I will get lashes that look really thick. However, if I apply it with a lighter hand and drag the motion out as slow and long as possible, I will get lashes that look thinner but much longer. OR I can do both and have lashes that look like false lashes, which is good for a night out!

Here are my lashes with and without. I havent applied too much mascara, I just used a firm hand and short strokes to get a 'day-look' that I like to wear every day. If I applied it with a lighter hand and really stretched the strokes they would have been even longer and slightly thinner.

Here I have used a lighter hand to apply the mascara and used much longer strokes to make my lashes longer and thinner than above.

GOSH Amazing Length'n Build is really easy to apply. It isnt too wet which is good as you can really build your lashes. Its not too dry either, giving you chance to build the lashes up without it drying on the lashes. Also, the brush is quite thin to allow you to easily apply to your bottom lashes!

This mascara is like a three-in-one mascrra; Everyday use, Evening and Nights out! - Dreamy!

I really reccommend this mascara and for the price it think its very reasonable, considering other mascara's can cost anything between £10 -£25 in Superdrug, I think its a good idea to try this one out. Obviously I dont know how it will apply to thicker, longer or darker lashes but im sure it will be stunning! :)

You can buy this from Superdrug stores that stock GOSH products and also from their website:
And for those of you that have a Superdrug card, you will earn 50 points when buying this :)

Jessica-emily x

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