the best thing a girl could
wear is

GOSH Natural Touch Foundation.

'Flawless natural finish' - I wouldn't say FLAWLESS.

I bought this foundation the other day in Superdrug as they had 3 for 2 Mix & Match on make up but this retails at £8.99. I've been a loyal customer to GOSH Amazing Length'n Build Mascara, I've been using it for a good year now so I had high hopes for this foundation.

32 Pearl

Unfortunately not, my first impressions when applying weren't very good. Its very watery and when applying with a foundation brush it doesn't really apply well at all, it just goes streaky but I put that aside and gave it a good'ol rub with my hands and all was well.

The coverage was medium but did even out my skin tone/blemishes. I then sealed it with some pressed powder and it didn't look bad at all. However, 9 hours later when I got home from work I looked like I'd complety forgotten to apply my foundation that morning. My face was awful! My cheeks were all red and skin tone was so uneven. I would have actually been better off wearing no foundation.

I am so disappointed with this GOSH Foundation and expected a lot more from a brand I truly love and use regularly.

Packaging - Very light, plastic bottle - 7/10
Application - So thin and streaky - 4/10
Coverage when first applied - Even, medium - 7/10
Durability - Fades too quick for me - 3/10
Smell - Has a hint of that 'tan' smell - 6/10
Recommend - No, save your money for another foundation.

Facial Care.

I have read so many 'facial care routines' and I am actually quite shocked by a few. A common favourite seems to be the 'face wipe'. I put my hands up, up until a couple of weeks ago I used to involve them in my skin care routine but I have now found out that they are no good for your skin, especially your face. One of my best friends Steph is a fully qualified beauticain and she fills me with really great advise!! She really knows her stuff!

I start by washing my face with a face wash, this may vary if one is on offer :) but I usually use Johnsons Daily Essentials refreshing gel wash at around £2/3 from most stores. I use my hands if im doing it over the sink, however if im in the shower/bath I will use a sponge. Once I have washed my face, I am left with amazing panda eyes! I then use a damp cotton wool pad (sometimes with remover) to remove my eye make up. I then wash my face again. This is the important part! I have noticed many people only wash once but that only removes the make up, it doesn't actually clean your face properly. So it is important to wash a second time to get a good ol' deep clean :)
Once I'm make up free and all clean, I use a small amount of moisturiser to keep my face quenched :)

Finally, I exfoliate my face around 3 times a week with a face exfoliator (I use a 99p one from the cheap shop!) to keep my skin new, fresh and to help with circulation. I use a sponge to exfoliate my face, but the sponges I get have a rough side to them so I always use that side for this :)

And HEY PRESTO!!! I have once clean, fresh and soft face. :)

What's your routine?

Fake bake.

G'day readers! Hope your all jolly :)

I've been on the search for a good fake tan for what seems like a life time!! I've tried so many! Spray ones, foam ones, lotion ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, you name it!! In fail of finding the ONE, I have two left on my list-to-try; Fake Bake and Laurens Way Tan. So I went and got myself some Beyond Bronze Fake Bake Self-Tan Lotion.

Boots - £18.49 for 148ml

What do I think?

E.L.F Mineral Primer

E.L.F Mineral Primer - I love the product, not the bottle!

E.L.F Studio Mineral Infused Face Primer - £6
I can only use a tiny bit as my face always gets so hot and I've noticed that primer doesn't help. However, a little of this under my foundation has helped keep my face moisturised and my foundation more even.

Sorry, this was the best picture I could get!
Its a gel type texture, really easy to apply and sits on my skin nicely. Most of it is absorbed but a little stays on the top of my skin which I like because it helps the application of foundation. 
I haven't used any other primers so I don't really know what to expect or what a 'good primer' should be like. But this one seems reasonable to me.

Unfortunately, the bottle itself isn't that great! The pump broke after a few uses so I had to unscrew the cap each time and use the little stick to scrape the primer out. Thennnnn, the little stick broke off!! As you can see from the picture, the long stick isn't actually visible as its stuck in the bottle. So I'm left with a half full bottle of primer that I cant use.
Not happy E.L.F!

Matalan Bargains!

Hello my lovely little beauts! :)
I hope your all well! I certainly am :-) I've been on a little bargain hunt lately and I've found some really good bits.
I popped into Matalan the other day and this is what I ended up buying!!

These lovely little boots where £5 in the sale from £22!! BARGAIN :)
They also have a fur-type lining to keep my feet extra warm. 

These cute earings where £1.50 in the sale from £3.50

This dress wasn't it the sale but still a bargain for £18 :)
I really like the detail on this dress as it means I don't have to wear jewellery if I don't want to. Sometimes less is more!