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wear is

Nail it.

Nail varnish - my worst enemy!

Me and nail varnish have never got on. Not becuase I dont like it, or that I cant apply it, simply becuase my hands dont really suit many colours and I find that it chips very quick. Although, I always use it on my toes :)

Nearly two years ago, my aunty got me a OPI nail varnish set for my birthday. It came with a red, dark purlple and a strenghthener polish. Since I got it, I never really used it. However, I did use the red polish a few times on my toes.

The red polish - 'Sweet as Annie-Thing!' This is a really nice colour, its a red with a nice shimmer which looks really nice on toes in the summer!

The strengthener - 'Original Nail Envy' I havent yet used this so I will updat once I have!

The purple polish - 'Queen of West Web-Erly' is lovely, maybe not the on-trend colour at the moment with the brights and bolds, but it is really nice for that 'elegent' look. I simply painted my nails with this, waited for it to dry, applied another coat and then finished off with a clear top coat.

The consistancy of this polish was amazingly perfect! It wasnt too runny or too thick, it applied evenly without any streaks and it was soooo glossy!! - In my eyes, this was the best polish I has used on my hands!

After applying two coats of the purple polish to both hands and feet, I finished off with a top coat from Revlon. Once all had dried, I was more than happy with the results! Both hands and toe nails were super glossy and of an even colour! I will definitely buy some more colours from OPI.

Some pricing I found on
15ml bottle of most colours - £10.50
4 x mini bottles - £12.20

Due to the price of these, I would recommend buying four mini bottles to give you the chance to try out a few different colours. Trust me, its not a waste of money!!

Jessica-emily x

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  1. This is good :) I'm going to invest in some OPI nail polishes xxx