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I'm Moving!!!

Hello little bloggers! Just to tell those who missed my last post, I have now moved to Sparkling Mist. This is my new blog, the same as this just with a different name :)

Please unfollow this one as I wont be posting on this one any more and please follow my new one! :D

My replacement blog!!!

I have started a new blog! The exact same as this one, just with a new name SPARKLING MIST and matching email address. (I am so sad!)

Please go and follow that one as I will not be posting on this one anymore!!

    Jessica-emily x

MUA Primer.

Just a quick post about this MUA Primer. I got this from Superdrug, retailing at £4. I really didn't want to buy this primer as I am a big lover of the E.L.F Primer however I had problems with the bottle, so I have given up :(
I was disappointed with this MUA Primer as it is EXACTLY like Superdrugs cheap face moisturiser. I can not find a difference. So I would rather use that than spend £4 on this. I also don't like the fact that it is like a moisturiser. I loved the E.L.F Primer as it was a gel and seemed to smooth over my face. This one doesn't, it just soaks in. This doesn't seem to aid my foundation application very much at all.
Overall, I would rather use my cheapy moisturiser than this primer and hope that E.L.F can sort out their packaging!

New Years Resolutions.

My New Years Resolutions. 
(I probably wont stick to them)

1. Lose a little bit of weight and tone up A LOT. 
I am going on holiday in June with the girls and want to get into better shape!

2. Blog more often!
The main reason I haven't blogged so much is because I didn't have a good camera to take pictures with. BUT I now have one!

3. Use my current products before buying new ones!
I have about 12 bottles of fake tan for starters!

4. Save more money.
I wont go in detail of how much I earn, but I only need to pay out about £300 a month. So the rest of my wages, well... They go on CRAP. I need to stop wasting so much money and start saving for something nice :)

5. Pass my level 2 AAT course.
This course cost me a lot of money so if I don't pass I am going to be so annoyed for wasting that money and time!

I don't have any more resolutions.  I don't really see the point in them and chances are I wont stick to them. But I will try and see how well I can do. I need a challenge I guess :)