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About me.

Hello my lovelies!! I hope your all very well :) 
This is a little page about ME. A kind of get-to-know me page. A see-who-I-am page. (That's me >>>>)

Jessica Emily Hill.
19 years young.
Trainee accountant. 
Driving licence.
Money motivates me.

So that basically sums be up but of course there is a lot more to me than that! I'm a very happy person, I'm happy in the morning, happy at work, happy in the evening and happy at night time. The only time I get a bit stressed is when I run out of money or my car brakes (its useless!). Other than that you will always catch me in a good mood! I tend too eat way too much and I am now trying to lose a bit of weight! I don't like watching TV, and if I lived on my own I wouldn't even own a TV! I'm a radio girl, I listen to the radio at any given chance and I'd much prefer a snazzy sterio than a plasma HD 3D digital BLAH BLAH TV!!
I have a dad, a mum and two sisters. My parents split up when I was 1yrs old so I cant even remember them being together (thankfully! The thought makes me sick!). My mum brought me up, but I'm not sure if I can use the phrase 'brought me up'. To sum up my upbringing I would say 'angry, upsetting, frustrating, loud music and drugs'. I'll let you all work that one out! 
On the other hand, my dad is amazing!! Unfortunately I didn't get brought up by my dad. But he has kept me normal and taught me what is right and what is wrong :)
I have huge ambition to do so well (don't we all?). Money has always motivated me! As soon as I turned 13yrs old, I got myself a paper round and ever since I have worked :)
So overall, I think I turned out okay! :)

Myself in pictures:

2008 -16yrs

2008 - 16 yrs

2009 - 17yrs

2010 - 18 yrs

2010 - 18yrs

2010 - 18yrs

2011 - 18yrs
2011 - 19yrs

Current - 19yrs

I am now a Trainee Accountant working within a printing company. But that's not how I started! I first started working there in November 2010 as a CLEANER. By August 2011 I had climbed the ladder to Trainee Accountant. WOOHOOOO :-D So I work there all week but on a Wednesday afternoon I nip off to college to study AAT (accountancy course).

My BOY. Bestfriend

That pretty much sums me up! If you want to know more, just ask me!! :-D