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Other beauts.

I would like to dedicate a page to my top three favourite bloggers as I am addicted to their blogs and I'd like to share them with you if you haven't yet discovered them :)
In NO particular order!

GRACE over at Glitter and Carousels has an amazing blog! I really love her blog and I really love this girl. I've never met her (boohoo), we just got chatting on good'ol twitter (give her a tweet) and she's such a lovely little cutie!
Grace's blog is full of extension reviews, product reviews, jewellery, food, gift ideas, you name it!! I love that Grace mixes it up! :)

LILY over at LLYMLRS has, what I call, active blog! Lily blogs near enough every day if not more!! She does mainly outfit posts and products reviews which I love!! Lily wears high street clothes too, which I really like as its not like im dreaming about being able to have that top etc. Her posts are quite straight to the point, she doesn't write 1,900 paragraphs for a product that only needs one so I always get the information I want/need without reading for 18 hours. Laaaaavely!! :)
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The lovely Samantha is one of the reasons I got into blogging!! Sam is the little beaut behind Samanth19 who posts a mixture of product reviews, pictures, extension reviews and hauls. I really love it when Sam posts a new post and I always rush to read it. Her pictures are always great and she is always honest. I also love the fact that she posts amazing pictures of her days/nights out, for example her Bonfire Night post. Soooo yummmy!
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