the best thing a girl could
wear is

Fake bake.

G'day readers! Hope your all jolly :)

I've been on the search for a good fake tan for what seems like a life time!! I've tried so many! Spray ones, foam ones, lotion ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, you name it!! In fail of finding the ONE, I have two left on my list-to-try; Fake Bake and Laurens Way Tan. So I went and got myself some Beyond Bronze Fake Bake Self-Tan Lotion.

Boots - £18.49 for 148ml

What do I think?

Slightly pricey in my eyes, but I was willing to buy it as all the cheap tans had failed for me... worth it?

I think the packaging is quite nice, really girly and attractive. I would have liked it to be in a box though, c'mon I did pay nearly £19 after all.

This tan looks soooo dark! I was really excited when I saw the colour as I wanted a really dark tan. I was also happy to see the colour being dark BROWN not ORANGE. Feww!

This tan is quite thick, yet easy to apply. My skin absorbed it well but not too quick so it wasn't drying before I could apply it nicely which was good as I found St Tropez dried too quick and I didn't have enough time to rub it in properly. I found it pretty straight forward to be honest. No problems! And I was completely dry within 10 mins, with NO STICKINESS! Yaaaaay :D
I applied this before I went to bed so I could leave it to develop over night.

It did have a smell, but not that famous fake tan smell. Its was more of a sweet smell. My bedroom and bedsheets didn't smell in the morning, so that was good!

First result:
After leaving it to develop over night for approx 12hrs I looked really really dark!! I was so excited!! I then had a shower to remove the guide and its was like watching my excitement rinse away :( So much of the tan seemed to wash off. On the bottle it says 'A small amount of the color guide may rinse off when showering n the morning but the tan will remain.' This is true to an extent, as I found quite a lot of the tan rinsed off.
Once dried, I was tanned no doubt about it but I wasn't as tanned as I was before I washed the guide off.
On the bottle it carries on to say 'Apply several nights in a row to achieve desired tan' so to be fair to Fake Bake it doesnt claim you will have the darkest of tans overnight, it clearly says you will need to apply a couple of times. And I think you get this with most tans, I haven't come across a tan that makes me really dark over night. Bare in mind I have the worlds palest skin!

Second application - result:
This time I applied the tan in the morning and didn't wash it off until the following morning (can I just go off track and say how well you can wear this throughout the day!! No stickiness or bad smell!). Before I washed it off I looked sooooo dark! I then washed it and some of the colour went with it, although I was darker than before. On to application three....

Third application - result:
I applied the tan about 2hrs before I went to bed and washed it off in the morning before work.
This time I really noticed a difference!! But then..... I showered.

Before showering; I am naturally paler than that white arm!

After showering in the morning some of the tan did wash away and I wasn't as dark as the pictures above but compared to my naturally white skin, I was left with a really dark tan! It wasn't patchy, streaky or orange! :) I was left quite annoyed as I was sooooo dark before I had a shower and I was  left like this.....

This rs a day after 'the shower'. In the picture I may look slightly orange but that's the poor quality of lighting in my house, sorry!! Although I don't look as dark as I do in the above pictures, I do have a good tan compared to my natural skin colour. But to take three applications, I'm not that happy.

This tan did wear really well and only went slightly patchy on my hands but I did manage to rescue them. However, my entire tan was gone after 5 days of my third application!! I then went to re-apply, did my arms and chest and the bottle has ran out!!

Overall opinion:
The smell was pleasant, not too tanny. 9/10
The application was easy. 8/10
Drying time was amazing. 10/10
Result after 1 application. 5/10
Result after 2 applications. 6/10
Result after 3 applications. 7/10
Worth the money. 2/10

Overall, a great colour after three applications, it fades well but too quick and for £19 it definitely isn't worth it!! Back to the drawing board for me. Think im going to try my old favourite, Solait from Superdrug again :)
I'll let you know how I get on with that one!

What tan do you use or recommend?

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