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wear is

Matalan Bargains!

Hello my lovely little beauts! :)
I hope your all well! I certainly am :-) I've been on a little bargain hunt lately and I've found some really good bits.
I popped into Matalan the other day and this is what I ended up buying!!

These lovely little boots where £5 in the sale from £22!! BARGAIN :)
They also have a fur-type lining to keep my feet extra warm. 

These cute earings where £1.50 in the sale from £3.50

This dress wasn't it the sale but still a bargain for £18 :)
I really like the detail on this dress as it means I don't have to wear jewellery if I don't want to. Sometimes less is more!


  1. This is a shop I really want to find! Is there any in the London area??? My parents live there so need to find one for my next visit! We have none in Ireland! :( wail ...

  2. There are loads around London!! Make sure you check them out, I hope this helps :)