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Facial Care.

I have read so many 'facial care routines' and I am actually quite shocked by a few. A common favourite seems to be the 'face wipe'. I put my hands up, up until a couple of weeks ago I used to involve them in my skin care routine but I have now found out that they are no good for your skin, especially your face. One of my best friends Steph is a fully qualified beauticain and she fills me with really great advise!! She really knows her stuff!

I start by washing my face with a face wash, this may vary if one is on offer :) but I usually use Johnsons Daily Essentials refreshing gel wash at around £2/3 from most stores. I use my hands if im doing it over the sink, however if im in the shower/bath I will use a sponge. Once I have washed my face, I am left with amazing panda eyes! I then use a damp cotton wool pad (sometimes with remover) to remove my eye make up. I then wash my face again. This is the important part! I have noticed many people only wash once but that only removes the make up, it doesn't actually clean your face properly. So it is important to wash a second time to get a good ol' deep clean :)
Once I'm make up free and all clean, I use a small amount of moisturiser to keep my face quenched :)

Finally, I exfoliate my face around 3 times a week with a face exfoliator (I use a 99p one from the cheap shop!) to keep my skin new, fresh and to help with circulation. I use a sponge to exfoliate my face, but the sponges I get have a rough side to them so I always use that side for this :)

And HEY PRESTO!!! I have once clean, fresh and soft face. :)

What's your routine?

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  1. I couldn't go without Liz Earle cleanse and polish these days :)