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Superdrug - Essential

If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have problems with getting paid on time and I sometimes end up really really skint at the end of the month. So during these drastic times, I am forced into drastic measures! One of which involved buying Superdrug's super cheap face wash and face moisturiser.

Superdrug Essential face wash for sensitive skin 99p

I didn't have high hopes for this to be honest as I thought its just a basic wash for 99p but I was pleasantly surprised! Don't get me wrong, its nothing amazing but for 99p you cant go wrong!
Its a clear gel with a very very subtle hint of 'cleanness' (if that's understandable). I only used a small amount, rubbed it over my wet face, gave a little scrub and rinsed off with warm water. I managed to get rid of most of my foundation (except round my hair line but that's because I didn't want to get my hair wet) and I managed to loosen all of my mascara ( by this I mean remove it from my eyelashes but get panda eyes!), however I haven't yet found a face wash to actually remove all of my mascara. So after this I just used a face wipe to remove the panda eyes and hey presto! My make was removed by a 99p wash, who'd have thought it! :-) And if your wondering why I don't use a face wipe to remove my mascara while its dry its because I don't like pulling my eyelashes or rubbing them too much as they are really short and I don't have many so I try to keep them as best I can! :-)
Once I had dried my face, it did feel a little try and slightly tight which is a shame but this is when the Superdrug face cream came in handy....

Superdrug Essential face cream for sensitive skin 99p
This cream looks really thick, but in actual fact its quite watery and spreads well. The smell reminds me of clean babies, which I think is a nice smell. My skin soaks this up really fast, baring in mind I have really dry skin, so for me it was very simple to get along with. However......
I have really weird cheeks, they are ALWAYS hot, no matter what!! So I find a lot of moisturisers make them worse. I was quite careful when first applying this and only used a little to see how my cheeks would be. But they seemed fine :-)
However, the next time I used it, I applied a bit more and the cheeks weren't so keen! Unfortunately it made my cheeks feel clogged up :-( But I didn't let this put me off, I just use this in tiny amounts after using the Superdrug face wash to stop the tightness. 
Overall, this isn't the greatest but it gets me through my skint days and works well with the Superdrug face wash :-)

Obviously I cant sit here and criticise these products too much as they are only 99p and you get exactly what you pay for them. I will use them again if I have to or maybe when I go camping or something! :-)

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