the best thing a girl could
wear is

Primark binge.

I can not for the life of me resist a bargin!! Can anyone?? But I think I take it too seriously sometimes. I hate spending money, so when I'm in a clothes shop and I see something nice I always think 'I could get that cheaper somewhere else', so actually I never buy clothes!!

Now having a full time job means I actually get a good wage. So at the weekend I decided to go shopping to Bristol. First shop I head for? Primark.

Two hours later....

Necklace £2.50

Necklace £1.50

Knuckleduster-style ring 50p



Jeans £8

Jeans £12

Jeans £14
Leggings £3

Skirt £10
Tights £3

Jumper £8

Jumper £8

Jumper £12

Jumper £10

Vest top £2.50

Short sleeve top £2.50

Long sleeve top £3

Cardigan £12
Vest top £3 for twin pack

£1 for a twin pack
Baby wipes £1 for a twin pack

Shavers £2.49
Gel 99p
Foundation £8.19
Mascara £5.99
                                                               Pop socks £1.50 each

After all that, I thought it was best to go home as soon as possible in case I went a little 'over board' in any more shops!! WOAH!

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