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THE diet. Week 2.

This is week two of my diet (Monday 3rd October)! Hopefully this week is even better than last! :D

Okay, so no changes yet but that's expected after only 7 days. 
(If my pictures look like dodgy airbrushing, I can assure they're not! Just my rubbish laptop camera!)

Age - 19
Height - 5ft 2in
Starting weight - 9.6st
Current weight - 9.2st
Starting dress size - 10
Current dress size - 10

Today was really good, I am learning how to eat well but with little points and calories. And with the 4lb loss last week, I AM NOT putting that back on. I want to lose at least 2lbs this week :D So motivation is high! I even went for dinner with boyfriend and didn't go over my points/calories :D Yaaaay!

Pretty much an average day. Im really learning how to control my point intake and I seem to be ending the day with some points left over! Bonus! But I have needed them, it's that time of the month and all I want to do is binge on a house-sized chocolate bar!!! So yes, I have had some sneaky chocolate :)

Today was very good. I am finding this 'diet life' very easy now :) and I'm actually enjoying it! I am feeling a lot better in myself. I have more energy already and I haven't even being exercising yet! Amazing! I also think I look less bloated than I used to look, not sure if this is true or me 'wanting to see it' haha! :D

So today went a little bad!! I was doing well until I got home and found that my mum had made my favourite cake; coffee and walnut! So I had a very thin slice (tut tut!). Then I just had a massive manic night. I had to dye my sisters hair, my friend came round for a few hours, I had to insure and tax my car online and then get my dad to drive it to my mum's house and then drive him back to his and then drive back home. (YES I HAVE MY CAR BACK!!!!) After all that I forgot I hadn't had dinner, so instead of cooking at 10pm at night, I had another slice of cake. Soooo bad!!

Today wasn't much better than yesterday. I did well throughout the day, although I did have a bounty chocolate bar (but its that time of the month so I HAD to have it), but then along came the evening... Now that I have my car and have been paid from work I decided to take my boyfriend out for dinner. We are both on a diet (he only diets because he's a MMA fighter) so I decided to go to a Thai restaurant as Thai food is the healthiest out of Chinese and Indian and much MUCH nicer! (If you haven't tried it, please do! And don't think its all spicy like a lot of people do, only a few dishes are spicy) And I never like going to an English restaurant because I don't like paying for food I can make at home (penny saver haha).

After last night's feast I have tried to be extra careful with my intake today. I even went to McDonald's with my dad and only had a Chicken salad WITHOUT the dressing (daaayyyymmmm!!).

I went shopping to Bristol today so the healthiest thing I could find for lunch was a jacket potato with beans and cheese (okay, I could have gone without the cheese, but I deserved it after a hard day shopping!). I then had a pork roast for dinner :). And then the dreaded weigh-in.......

Weight last Sunday: 9.2st
Weight this Sunday: 9.2st  
Haven't lost any weight, but I haven't gained any which is good. I need to step up the exercise and cut back on the chocolate!

7.30 am - Apple 0 points (45)
11.00 am - Twiglets 3 points (97 cal)
1.00 pm - Asda Good For You chow mien noodles 6 points (233 cal)
5.45 pm - Reggae Reggae chicken wrap and side salad 9 points (389 cal)
6.15 pm - Dream mini chocolate bar 3 points (110 cal)
6.30 pm - Mini pack of Haribo Tangfastics 1 points ( 35 cal) 
Total points: 22 (7 points under!)
Total calories: 909
Total exercise: 30 crunches 

7.30 am - 1 apple and 1 banana 0 points (135 cal)
11.00 am - 1 banana 0 points (95 cal)
1.30 pm - Asda Good For You chow mien noodles 6 points (233 cal)
2.00 pm - Twirl chocolate bar 5 points (180 cal)
6.00 pm - Weight Watchers sausages and mash 9 points (330 cal)
7.00 pm - 4 chocolate bars 4 points (150 cal)
Total points: 24 (5 points under!)
Total calories: 1,123
Total exercise: 30 crunches 

8.00 am - 2 banana's 0 points (190 cal)
12.15 pm - Large salad box from college, no idea on calories/points. Approx 5 points (300 cal)
12.45 pm - Sesame snaps 5 points(163 cal)
1.00 pm - 1 apple 0 points (90 cal)
5.45 pm - Weight watchers carrot cake 2 points (85 cal)
6.00 pm - Weight watchers chicken & mushroom pie with tin of sweetcorn 8 points (304 cal)
Total points: 20 (9 points under!!)
Total calories: 1,132 
Total exercise: NONE

12.30 pm - Morrisons healthy chilli con carne 9 points (334 cal)
2.00 pm - Turkish delight chocolate bar 5 points (185 cal)
7 pm - Coffee and walnut cake 9 points (305 cal)
Total points: 23 (6 under!)
Total calories: 824
Total exercise: NONE

8.30 am - Fruit and nut 'Eat Natural' bar 7 points (235 cal)
12.30 pm - Weight watchers lasagne with salad 7 points (257 cal)
2.00 pm - Bounty chocolate bar 5 points (134 cal)
6.30 pm - Thai fish cakes 5 points (200 cal)
              - Chicken with basil leaves and sticky rice 10 points (343 cal)
              - Banana fritter with ice cream 7 points (156 cal)
Total points: 41 (12 over!)
Total calories: 1,325
Total exercise: NONE

10.00 am - Cereal bar 4 points (89 cal)
1.00 pm - McDonald's latte and chicken salad, no dressing 7 points (255 cal)
4.00 pm - Some Thorntons chocolates 8 points (400 cal)
7.00 pm - Weight Watchers lasagne 7 points (257 cal)
Total points: 26 (3 under!)
Total calories: 1001
Total exercise: NONE

10.00 am - French fries 3 points (87 cal)
2.00 pm - Jacket potato with backed beans and cheese. 1 slice of garlic bread 24 points (852 cal)
6.30 pm - Pork roast dinner 14 (567 cal)
Total points: 41 (12 over!!)
Total calories: 1506
Total exercise: NONE


  1. Stephanie Louise10 October 2011 at 02:53

    No exercise on Sunday!! You dragged me round Primark for 2 and a half hours carrying a massive shopping back. If that isn't exercise I don't know what it is!! So you can update your exercise to atleast 3 hours of walking missus!!

  2. Hahaaaaa!!! Okay, I guess that is exercise. But it's not like the gym!! Just walking to your car is exercise! How far do we go with the 'exercise' thing? xx

  3. Stephanie Louise12 October 2011 at 00:23

    I would say that constant walking and weightlifting 2 shopping bags round is quite good exercise :). You should be proud! x