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Nivea vs Nivea

Okay, so my skin is just so awkward. It can not make its mind up! It is very very dry, BUT it doesn't look dry and no one would even guess I have very dry skin! The problem? I put on moisturiser and my skin drinks it like a fish! And no matter how much I put on or how often I use it, it doesn't seem to get any better! Very strange! So I find myself on the constant hunt for a suitable moisturiser.

Now, I used to use two Dove moisturisers (I also did a blog about these), but as the winter has set in my skin as got a little worse. So I am now re-searching for the worlds greatest moisturiser. Another factor to my weird and wonderful skin maybe down to my colouring. I am naturally ginger with very pale, freckly skin so maybe I have skin a little different to the known? You never know! Hahaa!

Here are two more moisturisers that I have tried/trying:

Nivea Rich Nourishing body moisturiser for dry skin (Approx £2.50 at superdrug)

                                                             I'm so sorry about the poor quality picture!
This moisturiser comes out looking very thick and white but once you start to rub it in it turns into a watery texture and is very easy to apply. Not too thick!! It also dries in good time (5mins max), but please do remember that my skin is a guzzler! This moisturiser has a lovely 'clean' smell which I love as it makes me feel fresh :)
On the bottle it says 'New! Non-stop 24h+ moisture'... But I cant say this works on me. I normally moisturise about 1-2hrs before I go to bed as I find this most convenient, unfortunately in the morning I don't notice much difference and I wouldn't say the 24h+ moisture had worked :( Boooo!

Overall, this is a good moisturiser and I would use it again. However, I need something that will drench my skin!

- Easy to apply
- Great smell
- Nice packaging

- Not as moisturising as it should be for 'dry skin' (or maybe just my skin!)

Nivea Pure & Natural rich body moisturiser for very dry skin. (Approx £2.50 at Superdrug)

                                             I'm so sorry about the poor quality picture!
Yaaaaaay!!! We have a break through! Well, I do anyway :D
This moisturiser seems to be working on my very awkward skin. I applied some last night to my legs, feet and arms and I woke up this morning with noticeable softer/quenched skin. So I can only dream of what it will do over a week or two :)

This moisturiser comes out a lot lighter than the one above. It is more of a watery texture, yet it rubs in very well and I found no problems with applying it. No drips or mess! This took about 2-3mins to dry, so either my skin is super duper dry or it just dries in a good time.

'95% of natural origin' is stated on the bottle, which is a good bonus for me as I don't like the thought of plastering my skin with chemicals. Big tick for me!

Overall, this is amazing for me and I'm going to buy it buy the dozen! My new found love!

- Quenches my thirsty skin
- Has a very faint 'clean' smell
- No mess application
- Soaks in well

- They wont send me a ship load :'( hahaa, seriously I have no cons for this!

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