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Okay, so this post side-tracks from my normal types of posts but I thought I'd post it anyway. Just a little post on one of my main inspirations :-)

Nicola Roberts.

So if you haven't already guessed, I am ginger and so very proud! I love my hair colour so much! And so when Girls Aloud become famous, I was drawn to Nicola and ever since then I've been a massive fan! She is so confident with her hair and she has her own unique style which I love!!

 Having such naturally pale skin, Nicola used to fake tan religiously! But has now shown many girls that its fine to be pale!! And I absolutely admire her for that! I wish I could do the same, and I would if I didn't have freckles over my entire body!! Nicola looks great because she has porcelain skin, but mine is not so great.

After giving up the fake tan, Nicola then had to find a foundation and other products to meet her skin tone, and knowing from experience, this is very hard. So what did she do? Launched her own make-up range for pale skin! Genius! I haven't yet tried any products yet because I usually fake tan so don't need such pale products, but it is on my to-do-list!

I absolutely love this women!! Such a great role model and fashion icon!!

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