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Ladies, just fake it!!

Hello my lovelys!! Now, even if I don't know you personally I still care about you and your very precious skin! So I am going to give a little insight to the dangers of sunbeds. I know its talked about a lot and may be a boring subject to you, but it is so serious and I don't think people fully understand it.

This is a strong view of mine and it will never change. I am very careful with my skin, mainly because I have the palest of skins but also because I want to look good at 50!! :D

Sun damage anyone?

- Sun beds cause approximately 100 deaths a year from Melanoma, a form of cancer!! They give of UV rays which damage skin cells, causing Melanoma!

- Approximately 24% of 16-24 year olds living in the UK has used a sun bed at least once. There has also been concern about the growing number of children, as young as 13, starting to use sun beds.

- Sun beds also have a life time effect after using them excessively; they make your skin look leathery, coarse and increase the amount of wrinkles you gain at a younger age!! Us girls pay so much money on looking after our skin, yet some of use waste it ALL by sun beding!? Whyyyyyy??

- In 2008 around 11,770 new cases of malignant melanoma were diagnosed in the UK.

- In 2008 around 2,560 people in the UK died from skin cancer. Around 2,070 from malignant melanoma (caused from sunbeds).


So how many of you don't smoke because 'it's bad for you'!? Its very strange, so many people don't smoke because of the dangers. Its broadcast all over the news, buses, posters, 'dangers of smoking' are everywhere. Clinics have been set up to help people quit smoking etc. 
There is very little publicity of the dangers of sun beds, yet they are on the same extreme level as smoking! Why is this!? I think it's terrible.

Still like the idea of a sun bed?? Yes? Well...........

Sun beds age your skin so much quicker than the natural rate. Just look at this women!! Would you really sacrifice your skin for a tan?

Watch this short story of a pretty 22yr old girl, that developed skin cancer from a sun bed! I repeat, 22 young years!!!

This is the skin damage Gemma (Carmel in Hollyoaks) caused herself from sun beds! She has now, thankfully, given up sun beds :D

Another celebrity that I love to absolute bits, Nicola Roberts, has given up on tanning altogether as she feels natural is best. I understand not everyone wants to go O'Naturel but why not put some fake tan on instead??

Okay, fake tan can go wrong sometimes BUT you can exfoliate it off. Unfortunately you cant exfoliate skin cancer off :'(

Ladies, please just fake it!!!

Please let me know your views on this subject, its close to my heart :) <3


  1. i totally agree with you, it's just not worth risking skin cancer and permanent skin damage for a tan! I used sun beds a few times (thankfully not too many!) when I was a teenager but thankfully I stopped and it's fake tan all the way for me now!xx

  2. Im so pleased you stopped :D
    Definitely not worth it at all!