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THE diet. Week 1.

So, I have decided that I want to shift 14lbs (1stone) OR become a size eight, which ever happens first. I have also decided to blog about this so that I have more motivation. I cant just start this and not finish it, right? Well, I hope not!

Starting figure:  Proving to the world that we don't all look like the girls in magazines. 

I'm going to follow the Weight Watchers diet. Therefore, I am allowed 29 pro points a day. And if you're unsure of the point system, each portion of food you eat can be turned into points by using the Weight Watchers calculator, or if you buy Weight Watcher products it will have the points on them (I know that Tesco and Morrison do a healthy range which also has the pro point system on them). The system calculates the points using the amount of protein, carbohydrate, fibre and fat in the product.
Here is a calculator I use for free on-line, be sure to use the UK calculator (second one down):

Age - 19
Height - 5ft 2in
Starting weight - 9.6st
Starting dress size - 10

So, here goes! This is week one! (Mon 26th Sept) Wish me luck!

So this was day one, the day your supposed to be most motivated. It went okay, UNTIL I met my boyfriend for dinner! I decided to have a pasta dish, Bacon Carbanora, thinking it was quite healthy. Anyway, all was good. Then I got home and went on the restaurants website to get the nutritional value to calculate the points. I was mortified!! Sooooo many calories and fat!
Overall, the day went well EXCEPT that stupid  pasta dish! Better luck tomorrow!                            

After the rubbish start I had on Monday I thought I'd do really well today and I did. The only down side, I ate a piece of cheese cake be mistake! A gentleman at work gave it to me, I said thank you and starting eating. Then all of sudden, half way through I remembered I was on a diet. What was I supposed to do!? Say it was horrible and stop eating? Nope, I just had to eat it. But I went online after to find the values and APPARENTLY its not too bad.

Well, today has been okay. But I am now realising that there is more calories and points in food than I thought. So I am now having to change my eating plan a little. I am going to cut down on the carbs, they are no good! And I am also going to calculate calories and points BEFORE I eat the food. Why I didn't do this before I don't know, I think I just assumed the calories/points but then after calculating it, I was shocked. Never mind, tomorrow is another day. 

Overall, today was good. I took oxtail soup to work for lunch (5points 160 calories WINNING) but turned out to be disgusting. So not having anything else to eat, I drank an energy drink that I had in my drawer. Not so winning. But hey, I only had 28 points :) However, I know that I have to do some more exercise but I only like going to the gym and without a car its near on impossible. Good news though, I get my car next week. I get gym next week :)

Well today was quite good. I did end up having a fattening dinner but I didn't eat a lot throughout the day so I kind of saved up my points/calories for my dinner. Therefore I didn't go over my 29-point-allowance :)
I also had a sneaky go on my scales and I weigh 9.3st, meaning I've lost 3lbs so far!! So happy! :D

Today went very well as I stayed at my boyfriends (he is a fitness freak!) and we went into a local town, he went to the gym and I had my nails done, done some shopping and just stayed busy. This always helps me as im a boredom eater! However, his dad did cook us tea and I have no idea how many calories or points it had it in. It was a pasta based meal so I just had to guess. Hopefully tomorrow is a good day! Its the ending day of my week and the weigh-in!! 

Well, today is weigh-in day!! I just weighed myself and I weigh 9.2st!! So happy that I have lost 4lbs! I had a rocky start, haven't been as strict as I should have been and the level of exercise was non-existent! However, I always find I lose the most weight in the first week of any diet so we will have to see what next week is like. So far, so good! :D

Weight on 26th September: 9.6st 
Weight on 2nd October: 9.2st
Total loss: 4lbs!!! :-D

If anyone wants me to try a diet for them, I am more than happy to. Just let me know! :)

Below is my daily diet broken down, so if anyone wants to follow they can very easily :)

8.00 am - Corner yoghurt 6 points (218 cal)
10.00 am - Sparkling water 0 points (5 cal)
11.30 am - Twiglets 3 points (97 cal)
12.30 pm - 1 tin of vegetable soup 5 points (179 cal) 
12.30 pm - 4 cream crackers 4 points (132 cal) 
1.30 pm - Handful of nuts 3 points (145 cal)
1.30 pm - Sparkling water 0 points (5 cal)
5.30 pm - Bacon carbonara  26 points (1042 cal) WONT BE EATING THAT AGAIN!
5.30 pm - Lime and soda water 0 points (5 cal)
Total points: 44 (14 points over my limit!!)
Total calories: 1828
Total exercise: NONE

7.45 am - Oat so simple syrup oats 6 points (132 cal)
10.30 am - Cheesecake 8 points (300 cal)
12.30 pm - 1 tin tomato soup 6 points (177 cal)
5.50 pm - Healthy tuna bake 11 points (411 cal)
Total points: 31 (2 points over my limit!)
Total calories: 960
Total exercise: NONE

7.45 am - Oat so simple syrup oats 6 points (132 cal)
11.30 am - 2 carrots 0 points (20 cal)
12.30 pm - 1 cheese sandwich on brown bread 10 points (367 cal)
6.00 pm - 100g pasta and 50g cheese 20 points (550 cal)
Total points: 36 (7 points over my limit!)
Total calories: 1069
Total exercise: 30 min walk (burned approx 130 cal) and 60 crunches

7.30 am - Oat so simple syrup oats 6 points (132 cal)
10.30 am - Twiglets 3 points (97 cal)
10.45 am - 2 carrots 0 points (20 cal)
1.00 pm - 125g grilled chicken 5 points  (168 cal)
1.30 pm - Energy drink 3 points (111 cal)
4.00 pm - 1 apple 0 points (45 cal)
6.00 pm - Steak peas and mushrooms 9 points (450 cal)
6.15 pm - Carrot cake 2 points (84 cal)
Total points: 28 (1 point under)
Total calories: 1107
Total exercise: NONE

7.30 am - 1 peach 0 points (40 cal)
7.45 am - Camomile tea 0 points (5 cal)
12.45 am - Mexican Chilli (Weight Watchers meal) with 1 tin sweetcorn 6 points (300 cal)
6.00 pm - Lasanga with garlic bread and salad 20 points (900 cal)
Total points: 26 (3 points under)
Total calories: 1,245
Total exercise: NONE

9.30 am - Oat so simple original oats with some honey 6 points (132 cal)
10.00 am - 1 apple and 1 banana 0 points (135 cal) 
3.30 pm - Asda good for you chicken and sweetcorn noodles 6 points (239 cal)
6.30 pm - Pasta dish 18 points (600 cal)
Total points: 30 (1 point over my limit!)
Total calories: 1,106
Total exercise: 1 hour walking (burned approx 163 calories)

11.00 am - 1 apple 0 points (45 cal)
1.30 pm - Small bowl of pasta, peppers and bacon 15 points (400 cal)
6.30 pm - Youngs Admiral's fish pie 9 points (347 cal)
7.00 pm - Jelly tot mini cup cake 3 points (85 cal)
Total points: 27 points (2 points under)
Total calories: 877
Total exercise: 1 hour walking (burned approx 163 calories)

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