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So the other day a twitter friend @LeannaLewisUk reccommended St Moriz tan to me. So I thought I would give it a go as I knew it was really cheap (£2.99 for 200ml of dark mousse!). I ordered it from which if you didn't know already, is a cheap online beauty shop. While I was on there, I had a little look at some face products as I like to take good care of my face/skin. So I also ordered some Garnier Even Smoothing face wash (£1.50 for 50ml) and some Dr Cole Regenerating Night Cream (£2.99 for 50ml).

I only wanted to spend a little amount of money on these products because I had never used any of them before, hence the small sizing.

Sorry the picture has a busy background, I had to take it outside as the lighting in my house is awful and I have a rubbish camera. So this is the best i could do.

I ordered my stuff on Sunday evening and it arrived by Wednesday which I was happy with.

St Moriz Dark Mousse - 'For a healthy bronzed tan all year round'. This tan does exactly what is says! It was really easy to apply using a tanning mit as it was a good consistency, not too runny, and it came out dark so I could see where I had/needed to apply. This stopped me from getting any streaks! It also dried quite quick so I was able to put on some baggy clothing just 10 minutes after tanning! Great for busy people who don't have the time or patience to stand around naked for an hour or so! Once I woke up in the morning, I looked really naturally tanned. It was a nice brown colour, not orange at all! Which was great because I didn't want my skin blending into my hair colour! So I then had a shower to remove the guide colour and I was left with a great tan, not too dark for my fair colouring. However, if I wanted to go darker I could easily do so by re-applying until im the desired colour, so this is great for people who want a darker tan!
Overall this is a great tan, easy to apply and natural looking. I just need to wait and see how well it fades as I don't want it to go patchy. The only flaw to this tan is that it smells a little bit like vinegar, not strong but I could notice it. However, this doesn't bother me as I always tan at night and shower in the morning anyway :)
Update on the tan: This tan started off sooooo well, but a few days later it went down hill A LOT! It went really patchy and uneven all over my body. My hands looked awful, my feet were hideous and my stomach was just a mess. I moisturised throughout wearing this and I ex-foliated, so I have no idea why it went like this. I have re-tried using it a few times, but the same happens every time. Overall, this tan is no good for me :( Better start looking for a new tan! 

Garnier Even Smoothing face wash - This is supposed to gently exfoliate and clarify the skin. And it did exactly that. I removed my make up the best I could with a face wipe and used my new face wash to remove the rest.  When I squirted a little onto my hand, I was surprised by the consistency as I was expecting a gel/liquid, however it was very creamy. I splashed some warm water on my face and gently lathered the face wash onto my face, it was really thick and foamy which was nice as it gave a real 'clean' feeling. After rinsing off with warm water, my face felt very clean and revived. I could also notice that it had removed my makeup by looking at the colour of the water, which was a very good sign! I then used another face wipe to wipe over my face to see if any make up was left, but there wasn't :)
I was very please with this product! And I will definitely be buying more :)

Dr Cole Regenerating Night Cream - This is supposed to be 'regenerating' and it very mush is! After washing my face and patting it dry I applied a small amount of this cream. This cream is very light and thin which makes application easy, it allows your face to feel fresh compared to other face creams that can feel really thick and in my case make my face feel really hot and suffocated. I covered my whole face and neck with this using tiny circular motions in a slight upwards direction. Once I had applied it all over, my face still felt fresh which I was really happy with. About 20minutes later, the cream was completely absorbed and my face still felt fresh.
I was really happy with this cream as I have had a lot of problems with other face moisturisers being too thick, too heavy, too oily, making my face feel suffocated and clogging up my pores. This cream however was really light and perfectly suited for me. And the next day my face felt really healthy and soft which was great because other moisturisers have left my face feeling oily or clogged up in the morning.

Prior to using these face products, I had already used the St Moriz tan (A separate bottle that I bought Tuesday from a new shop in my area). I applied this tan all over my body, including my face, on the Tuesday night so by the Wednesday I had a nice natural tan. So by using my new face products, my face looked considerably better. I had a nice tan on my face, enhanced by a good clean wash and a gentle moisturiser. Which overall gave my face a makeover.

I will definitely being using all of these products again, and using them as a trio is perfect for me. A tanned, clean, soft face. Dreamy :)

Jessica-emily x


  1. Its amazing, wish I had discovered it sooner! Never too late though :D x

  2. I love St Moriz so much can't believe I ever went with out it! xxx