the best thing a girl could
wear is

Barry M Nail Paint.

Hello my lovelies! Did you have a nice Christmas!? I GOT A NEW CAMERA!!! YEAAAAAHH :D
So I can now post good quality pictures (well, I will try. My photography skills aren't the best).
I popped into town the other day to check out the sales and I was sadly disappointed. I didnt find anything I liked. So I got myself some Barry M nail varnish instead :)

I got these from Superdrug for £2.99 and because I spent more than £10 on Barry M products, I got the Lilac Foil Limited Edition Effects FREE :) (Retailed at £3.99)

Red Glitter

Cobalt Blue

Lilac Foil Limited Edition Effects.

Blue Glitter

 I really love this colour and the fact that its glittery. I am always changing my nail colour and like it to be a bit different. I know this isn't to everyone's taste but I love it!

 I wasn't too keen on this colour when I first saw it and I certainly wouldn't have bought it, but as it was free I was happy to try it and to be honest its actually okay. Its not disgusting but then again its not amazing. Will I wear it? Im not so sure. Maybe it needs time to grow on me!

 WOW! I really love this colour! Its amazing! Its so solid and not the most common colour of blues, which I like. When I saw it, I just had to get it. You may not like it, but its in my top fav three at the mo!

LOVE this red nail glitter! I have a thing for red nails. But I don't let myself buy any more red polishes as I already have a few, but as this was glitter (I don't have a red glitter) I allowed myself to buy it! And I really love it! I've painted my toes with it and I think it really makes my tootsies look more 'girly'. I hate feet anyway so I always try to 'pretty' them up a little. YUMMY. I will be buying this again and again!


  1. babe this blog is amazing, the pics are ace!
    i love barry m polish - massssive fan!
    i got a few for crimbo.. if you havent already got it, check out the glitter combo "once upon a time" .. its amazing!!
    what camera did you get honey? i got a new one for christmas but its just not as good as i'd hoped xxx

  2. Awww thanks babe! I will definitely try it :)

    I got Nikon CoolPix (16 megapixels one) Sooo happy! :)

    Hope you had a nice christmas! xx